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What We Do...

Programs & Services

Programs & Services

Programs & Services


  • Support for designing and implementing a safety plan

  • Assistance with obtaining a protective order (process navigation)

  • Hospital, police, and court accompaniment

  • Needs assessments and support services referrals

​***services provided by credentialed advocate***

Programs & Services Details

Fresh Start

Purpose Purse Program

Can you imagine finding yourself in need of personal care items and essential documents and not having the resources to quickly run into a store or government office to pick them up? Often times, women who have recently left their abusers and are in the beginning stages of survivorship find themselves in this exact situation. Sometimes, leaving safely means there's no time to consider grabbing personal items.

The Purpose Purse Program provides essential toiletries and other items that make the transition to safety a bit more comfortable.  
We collect community donations of purses and personal care items, toiletries, health and beauty products and non-perishable snacks.  Donated purses are then stuffed and distributed to shelters, safe houses, and our survivor clients.

To donate items, contact us to arrange a drop-off/pick-up appointment or click the donate tab to make a financial donation.

S.A.F.E. Space

With the goal of complete separation from abuse in mind, Our 3 Memorial Foundation assists survivors with identifying, obtaining and maintaining safe and affordable housing independently by partnering with local landlords. These partnerships help us ensure our survivor clients are embarking on their journey to independence in a manner that is supportive, affordable, feasible, and empowering (S.A.F.E). 

S.A.F.E. Space provides donated goods when available (i.e. household items), ID replacement services, and assistance to alleviate the strain of moving into a new home independently. This program is designed to make the transition to complete separation from the abuser less difficult.  

In this program, survivors are expected to participate in recommended financial freedom sessions, & complete quarterly follow-up surveys for 1 year. In addition, survivors are able to participate in recommended self-worth and empowerment coaching sessions at no cost. 
To donate household items, contact us to arrange a drop-off/pick-up appointment or click the donate tab to make a financial donation.

Love Songs Program

In our dedication to educate the community about intimate partner violence, we have created a unique initiative designed to educate and engage young minds on the critical issue of healthy relationships.

The Love Songs Teen Dating Violence Program combines the power of music with educational content to address the complexities of teen dating violence. Our carefully curated selection of songs, accompanied by insightful discussions and interactive activities, aims to empower teenagers with the knowledge and awareness necessary to foster healthy relationships.
Our 3 Memorial Foundation, Inc. makes this program accessible to schools, churches, and youth groups at no cost. Our mission is to contribute to the well-being of our community, and we believe that by partnering with local organizations, we can collectively make a significant impact on the lives of young people.

To express interest or to discuss scheduling a program session please feel free to contact us. 


...and Check This Out


 The My Survivor Voice Podcast, hosted by our founder, gives survivors a safe space to share.

Check out the 3-Season series to hear stories of survival from Voices of Independence, Closure, and Empowerment. Each time you listen or download, our sponsors make a donation.

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