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Typically provided within 24 hours


  • Telephone or In-Person Support for designing and implementing a safety plan

  • Assistance with obtaining a protective order (process navigation)

  • Hospital, police, and court accompaniment

  • Assistance with filing CVC claims


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The Our 3 Memorial Foundation team is working diligently to develop a program to provide housing opportunities to those fleeing domestic abuse.  Check back often for updates and program availability.


Purpose Purse Project

provided within fresh start program

Providing necessary toiletries and personal hygiene items for individuals fleeing domestic abuse.


Cells for 

Cell phone recycling fundraising initiative that allows donors to get rid of used mobile devices while supporting our missing and saving the environment.



Check out the sponsored podcast to hear stories of survival from Voices of Independence, Closure, and Empowerment. Each time you listen or download, our sponsors make a donation.

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Details About Our Initiatives

Fresh Start Program

Can you imagine finding yourself in need of personal care items and essential documents and not having the resources to quickly run into a store or government office to pick them up? Often times, women who have recently left their abusers and are in the beginning stages of survivorship find themselves in this exact situation. Sometimes, leaving safely means there's no time to consider grabbing personal items.

The Fresh Start Program provides services that make the transition to complete separation from the abuser less difficult.  In this program, survivors are able to receive ID replacement, advocacy, clothing & food assistance, and more.
We also collect community donations of purses and personal care items, toiletries, health and beauty products and non-perishable snacks.  Donated purses are then stuffed and distributed to shelters, safe houses, and our survivor clients.

To donate items, contact us to arrange a drop-off/pick-up appointment or click the donate tab to make a financial donation.

Educate to Empower: Financial Literacy Program

One in four women experience domestic violence in the United States. Nearly all of those cases include financial abuse. Financial abuse is the number 1 reason victims struggle with leaving their abusive partner or end up returning to one. 
Our 3 Memorial Foundation, Inc. is committed to fostering independence for survivors of financial abuse through the use of financial empowerment. This program provides survivors with the education and resources they need to once again reach their full potential. 

In this program, participants meet with their Financial Empowerment Coach to learn about setting financial goals, resume building, job readiness, furthering education, and credit and money management. 
Alongside their coach, survivors will establish a budget that will help them gain and maintain financial independence to break free from their abusers permanently. There is one cohort available per month for this virtual program. 
This program acknowledges that leaving an abusive relationship is a process and that financial dependency is the strongest predictor of a survivor's decision to stay, leave, or return to an abusive relationship. 

To find out more about this program and how to sign up, click here to complete the contact form and a team member will contact you. 

STAND Up Guys Campaign

Our Stand Up Guys campaign, encourages the men in our community to take a STAND against domestic violence. We take the time to engage males of any age group and educate them on domestic abuse and encourage them to take the STAND Up Guy pledge. In doing so, we are able to create relationships with the males in are community who, in turn, understand the importance of effectively speaking out about domestic violence and intervening instead of remaining silent. Each community engagement activity puts us one step closer to closing the gap of the disproportionate numbers of abuse. To take the pledge and be notified of the next STAND Up Guy community engagement activity, click here.