Our Story


On February 27, 2019, Jacquelon Gaskin and both of her children, Gianna and Giovanni, were murdered in an act of family annihilation committed by Jacquelon’s boyfriend of 13 years. Naturally, her family was devastated. As they adjusted to their new normal, they began to get educated on domestic abuse and services available to victims and survivors. Through these interactions, they learned the rate of instances of domestic abuse for women of color is 35% higher than white women, however women of color are the least likely to report abuse and/or seek community based services.

This revelation brought about many questions, and they fought to find answers. So, in their journey to heal, the next step was made clear: Our 3 Memorial Foundation, Incorporated was founded. The organization's chosen logo was designed to be reminiscent of the 3 crosses that were donated and placed in the front yard of Jacquelon's home where the murders were committed. 


Our Mission...
Our 3 Memorial Foundation, Inc.'s mission is to provide quality services that foster independence in persons experiencing domestic abuse and support those agencies and communities that are working to prevent and eliminate domestic abuse through direct services, advocacy, and education. We are committed to raising awareness of the impact domestic abuse has on society. As instances of domestic abuse grow in number, the demand for services and support continues to rise. High quality services provision and community engagement is our goal. 

What We Do...

Direct Services

Typically provided within 24 hours


  • Telephone or In-Person Support for designing and implementing a safety plan

  • Assistance with obtaining a protective order (process navigation)

  • Hospital, police, and court accompaniment

  • Assistance with filing CVC claims



A Message from Our Founder

Danielle Leverett-Gallaspy

When we lost Jackie, Gigi, and Fluff so tragically and suddenly, naturally, I was devastated asked every question imaginable. Perhaps the most pressing was “Why?”, immediately followed by “Were there signs that we missed?” and “Could this have been avoided?”. As we have adjusted to our new normal, I’ve been plagued by those questions. If there is anything that anyone remembers about our beloved Jack-Jack, it’s that her biggest aspiration was to help women and children. She aspired to become a labor and delivery nurse, and had actually re-enrolled in school just weeks prior to her murder. While navigating the healing process, I’ve attended webinars, volunteered, networked with local DV organizations, and had countless conversations about the topic. Through these interactions, I’ve learned that many are being abused AND DON’T EVEN KNOW IT. I am grateful to God for the vision to use our tragedy to help others and welcome every opportunity to work to ensure that no other family will ever have to experience the hurt my family has experienced and continues to heal from.

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