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Reveal to Heal: Celebration of Survivors

Our 3 Memorial Foundation, Inc. is proud to host it's inaugural Reveal to Heal: Celebration of Survivors.

Despite community efforts, intimate partner abuse remains a serious issue for our community. Domestic violence is, unfortunately, a widespread issue. Approximately 10 million people are affected by domestic violence in a single year.

This empowering event will set aside time to celebrate survivors and provide the opportunity to share experiences in a safe, judgement free zone.

Join us for an inspiring and motivational chat with Certified Life Coach Practitioner and founder of The Healing House, Robyn Bloom. And stick around to hear singer, model, actress, and sound therapist, Sene Goss, share her experience with intimate partner abuse.

Attendees will also get to witness the announcement of the winner of Our 3 Memorial Foundation's first ever "Survivor of the Year" award.

Due to the nature of this event, and in effort to provide a secure, safe space for our survivor attendees, the specific location of this event has not been made public. Once registered, additional details will be provided.Seating is limited. Additional seating will not be added. MealMeal provided.



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