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Mississippi Gets New Statewide DV Reporting System

On Tuesday, March 1, 2022, Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch announced the launch of a new statewide tool for law enforcement and courts to use when reporting domestic violence incidents.

The system known as MSDVR (Mississippi Domestic Violence Reporting) will be a single statewide storage space for domestic violence reports. MSDVR will be the new and innovative replacement for the outdated Reportbeam system for Domestic Violence Reports. MSDVR will include:

  • Geolocating to save accurate location information

  • Injury diagrams to indicate size, type, and location of injuries, as well as the ability to upload photographs

  • Fields for utilizing the Lethality Assessment Protocol to ensure the safety of victims

Attorney General Lynn Fitch's office has created training guides and videos to help law enforcement and court clerks utilize MSDVR effectively and efficiently. According to Fitch, her office “will continue to work with our partners to provide additional materials, as needed, and it has been integrated into our training on domestic violence response."

Mississippi will also received their new Domestic Abuse Protection Order Registry later this year. Until its launch, the existing registry on Reportbeam will remain operational.


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