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Do You Shop at Kroger?

Our 3 Memorial Foundation is thrilled to announce a fantastic opportunity for all supporters to effortlessly contribute to the vital mission of preventing intimate partner violence. Thanks to the Kroger Family of Companies’ commitment to community engagement and positive social impact, Our 3 is now part of their esteemed Kroger Community Rewards program!

What does this mean for our community? It’s simple: by selecting Our 3 as their preferred charity, members can seamlessly support the cause every time they shop at Kroger. That means just by doing their regular grocery run, they’ll be making a tangible difference in the organization's efforts to prevent intimate partner violence through safety advocacy, and community engagement.

Here’s how you can join the movement and amplify your impact:

1. **Create a digital account**: If you don’t already have one, setting up a digital account is the first step. It’s quick, easy, and essential for participating in Kroger Community Rewards.

2. **Link your Card to Our 3 Memorial Foundation**: Once you’re logged in, search for Our 3 Memorial Foundation using the charity number, VS997, or simply type our name. Select Our 3 as your preferred organization and hit “Save” – it’s that straightforward!

3. **Start shopping and supporting**: Every time you swipe your Shopper’s Card at Kroger, a portion of your spending will be donated to Our 3 Memorial Foundation, at absolutely no extra cost to you. Kroger allocates annual donations to participating organizations based on their percentage of spending – so the more you shop, the more Our 3 receives!


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