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At least 2 - 3 times a week, someone asks me what it took for me to start Our 3 Memorial Foundation, Inc., how much it costs to start a nonprofit, or whether or not I think they should start a nonprofit.

When they do, this is my face ➡️ 😶

Because whew CHILE! When I started Our 3, I WAS WINGING IT! 🤣🥴🤣

I never want anyone to think I'm ignoring their questions...but honestly y'all, if I could be transparent for a moment...I didn't really have the answers.

And if you know me, you know I don't like NOT knowing the answers. So, I took my experiences, paired it with some additional research, and created this visual presentation and vision board workbook for aspiring Nonprofit Founders.

I, like many others who have founded 501(c)(3) organizations, am just learning as I grow. But I also realize that some people have a passion and are just trying to find the right avenue for them. So this presentation and free download are my way of giving you my answers in a place where you can refer back to them as often as you need to. 💜

Do great work, y'all.

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