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Black Biographies to Watch This February

Black history is beautiful, complex, and, at times, uncomfortable. While so much of our history was stripped from us, the details we know can often be difficult to digest. But all is not strife and struggle.

With Black History Month upon us, there’s no better way to celebrate the often neglected achievements of people of African descent in our country, than to revisit some of our diverse narratives that have played out on screen. These tales allow us to celebrate the legacies of iconic trailblazers whose courage and determination have paved the way for future generations. And there’s plenty to choose from on streaming platforms like Philo, Netflix, Amazon, HBO Max, and Hulu. Here are 5 we suggest you watch this month. 1. Queen of Katwe

2. Marshall

3. Miss Virginia

4. Southside With You

5. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks


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